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 Considering the costs and effort involved, when you choose to tile a surface, you only want to do it once. Which is why it s important to attach your tiles to a surface that won t cause problems, like plywood, gypsum and other cement boards can. So, to avoid having to do repairs or do the whole job again in a few years, make sure you use Hardibacker Backerboard behind your tiles.

Here at Tile-Direct we can offer a national 2-3 day delivery service Free for zone 1 and 2 with the basket value of £500.

HardieBacker® 250 1.2x0.8x0.6mm HardieBacker® 250 ..
£14.50 (excl vat)
HardieBacker® 250 1.2x08x0.12mm HardieBacker® 250 ..
£16.50 (excl vat)
6mm Insulation boards 1200x600mm
Qty From Qty To Unit Price   ..
£8.99 (excl vat)
10mm Insulation boards 1200x600mm
Underfloor heating insulation boards Qty From Qty To  ..
£10.99 (excl vat)
BAL WP1 Waterproof Shower Kit
A flexible, seamless and complete waterproof tanking system designed for use on internal walls an..
£52.50 (excl vat)
BAL Prime APD 2.5lt
A modified acrylic polymer dispersion for use as a primer for a variety of backgrounds/bases ..
£12.85 (excl vat)
BULK BUY-Additive IT FP: Flexible Primer 2.5lt- box of 6
BULK BUY Specials-Minimum order £500 + FREE Delivery main land only Mix & match all BULK ..
£17.32 £7.62 (excl vat)
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