HG Cleaning Products

A Range Of Cleaning & Maintenance Products For All Tiling Applications.

The letters HG are derived from the name of a Swedish businessman - Håkan Gip. In the early 1960s he had a number of high-quality cleaning products developed by the University of Stockholm, which were primarily intended for swimming pools.

Walls and Floors stock a wide range of Hagesan products from sealants to cleaners to help prepare, complete and maintain your tiling project to see the true beauty of your tiles.

HG Cement grout remover 1ltr Hagesan
HG cement grout film remover (HG extra) removes cement film from the face of tiles without af..
£11.00 (excl vat)
HG Golvpolish (Satin gloss polish) 1ltr Hagesan
Apply a very thin film of HG satin gloss polish (HG golvpolish). Consequently, the pores are comp..
£13.00 (excl vat)
HG Impregnator 1ltr Hagesan
HG impregnating sealer (HG impregnator) penetrates deep into the surface and completely seals..
£20.00 (excl vat)
HG Marble Impregnator 1ltr Hagesan
HG marble impregnator penetrates deep into the surface and completely seals off small pores. ..
£17.50 (excl vat)
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