BAL Adhesives

BAL Adhesives the leading brand of professional tiling adhesives and grouts, offers an unrivalled range of products for all tiling applications. It is the preferred choice of professional tile fixers, contractors and specifiers. Whatever the tile material, background or function of the tiled environment, a BAL solution can be trusted for quality and lasting performance.


BAL Blue Star 10lt Wall AD
A white non-slip, ready mixed ceramic wall tile adhesive designed for use in internal dry and..
£15.21 (excl vat)
BAL Green Star 1kg Wall AD0
Bal Green Star Adhesive is a non-slip, ready mixed, acrylic based organic dispersion, ceramic wal..
£10.21 (excl vat)
BAL Rapid Set Flexible Grey 20kg
A Rapid Setting, flexible cementious adhesive suitable for wall and floor applications. BAL's..
£32.40 (excl vat)
BAL Gold Star Grey 20kg
A cementious adhesive for wall and floors applications with BAL Porcelbond Plus technology allowi..
£16.85 (excl vat)
BAL Grip 10lt Wall AD
A white, flexible, water resistant, non-slip ready mixed ceramic wall tile adhesive designed ..
£32.87 (excl vat)
BAL CTF3 White 20kg
White, cement-based, polymer modified, non-slip, water-resistant and frost-resistant adhesive sui..
£21.05 (excl vat)
BAL Rapid set Grey 22.5kg
A cement-based, polymer modified, non-slip, rapid setting, water-resistant and frost-res..
£19.50 (excl vat)
BAL White Star 10lt Wall AD
Our popular white, highly flexible, water-resistant, non-slip, ready mixed ceramic wall tile adhe..
£16.67 (excl vat)
BAL Mosaic-fix 20kg
A bright white, water and frost resistant, cementious wall and floor adhesive specially formu..
£29.80 (excl vat)
BAL PTB Flexible Grey 20kg
A highly polymer modified, flexible, rapid-setting, water-resistant, frost-resistant floor ti..
£26.70 (excl vat)
BAL WP1 Waterproof Shower Kit
A flexible, seamless and complete waterproof tanking system designed for use on internal walls an..
£52.50 (excl vat)
BAL Prime APD 2.5lt
A modified acrylic polymer dispersion for use as a primer for a variety of backgrounds/bases ..
£12.85 (excl vat)
BAL Admix AD1 2.5ltr
White, synthetic polymer emulsion for use with BAL?s cement-based adhesives. Suitable for use in ..
£20.62 (excl vat)
BAL Single part Flexible Grey 20kg
A flexible, non-slip, water-resistant and frost-resistant wall and floor tile adhesive, especiall..
£25.45 (excl vat)
BAL Supercover rapid flex 15kg
BAL SUPERCOVER RAPID FLEX 15kg Bag Is an innovative new tile adhesive that is both flex..
£34.50 (excl vat)
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