Kitchen Tiles

 Make your kitchen even more practical and desirable by choosing a new set of kitchen tiles perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you want your kitchen to look warm and homely or stylish and modern, you'll find a wide range of kitchen tiles waiting to be discovered at Tile-Direct. If you are working with a budget why not browse our fantastic collection of kitchen Tiles combining real quality with real value.

Perhaps your kitchen is the heart of your home and you want its decoration to reflect that. That's why you might find some of the warmer coloured kitchen tiles ideal for your needs - our huge range is perfect for this, with a Bumby glossy finish ideally representing a warm familial atmosphere. Or maybe the tiles you're searching for denote style and sophistication. You'll find that amongst our huge range of stone-effect tiles exuding kitchen efficiency and cleanliness - and without the large price tag you might expect.

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Creative Colours Sky Blue Field
  escription A light blue, smooth gloss wall tile. Material Type ..
£12.20 £11.25 (excl vat)
Creative Colours Smoke Grey Field
Price Per Meter   ..
£13.60 £12.55 (excl vat)
Dartmoor Naturals Marble Beige Strip
  escription A popular mid, light and dark mix natural marble border tile on ..
£24.16 £21.60 (excl vat)
Dartmoor Naturals Marble White/Black Strip
  escription A dark grey, white and light grey blended natural marble border ..
£24.16 £21.60 (excl vat)
Dartmoor Naturals Quartz Field 248x398mm
  escription A popular satin grey quartz effect tile, reminiscent of natural ..
£15.18 (excl vat)
Frost White Field
  Description A white ceramic wall tile that has a subtle frosted texture, wh..
£19.70 £15.50 (excl vat)
Gloss Black Field  100x200
  Description A gloss black brick shape wall tile. A popular Black br..
£25.00 £23.86 (excl vat)
Gloss Cream Field 100x200
  Description A gloss cream brick shape wall tile. A popular Cream br..
£22.00 (excl vat)
Gloss Cream Field 148x148mm
Price Per Meter   ..
£11.20 (excl vat)
Gloss White Field 100x200mm
  Description A popular white brick shaped wall tile in a gloss finish. The c..
£21.00 (excl vat)
Gloss White Field 148x148mm
  Description A gloss white smooth wall tile. We recommend using this..
£11.20 (excl vat)
Gloss White Field 198x198mm
  Description A smooth white gloss wall tile. Material Type Ce..
£12.80 (excl vat)
Gloss White Field 248x398mm
  Description A smooth gloss white wall tile. Material Type Ce..
£16.00 (excl vat)
Gloss White Mosaic 248x398mm
Price Per Meter   ..
£19.38 (excl vat)
Greco Black & White Strip
  Description A matt finished black and white border tile with a geometric de..
£9.95 £8.12 (excl vat)
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